Lakeshore Segment Northwest 7: Cayuga Lake State Park to Northern Marshes

Bloom Events
Bloom Code Date Water Body County Bloom Extent Bloom Genera [1] Microcystin (ug/L) [2]
1 20-3453-B1 September 08, 2020 Cayuga Lake Seneca Large Localized Microcystis 1.9
2 20-3400-B2 July 07, 2020 Cayuga Lake Seneca Small Localized (few properties) Microcystis
3 24-3453-B1 June 03, 2024 Cayuga Lake Seneca Widespread
[1] Genera - plural of genus, a category of classification in biology that ranks between the family level and the species level. Because there are many different species of bacteria that are difficult to distinguish, it is more useful to classify bacteria by genus rather than species.
[2] Total Microcystins and Nodularins (EPA 546)