Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) Event Information
Bloom Code 24-3453-B1
Water Body Cayuga Lake
Latitude and Longitude 42.909765, -76.750317
Segment Lakeshore Segment Northwest 7: Cayuga Lake State Park to Northern Marshes
County Seneca
Extent Widespread
Bloom Reported June 03, 2024
Bloom Sampled June 03, 2024
Microscopic Examination
Bloom Genera [1]
Microscopy Present Dominant
Bloom Chemistry
[1] Genera - plural of genus, a category of classification in biology that ranks between the family level and the species level. Because there are many different species of bacteria that are difficult to distinguish, it is more useful to classify bacteria by genus rather than species.
[2] Microcystin
Map of HAB event
Bloom Description

Weather is warm and lake is calm. Conditions appear to be getting worse and dead fish are being cited in blue algae growth.